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Prime Minister of Georgia resigned after mass protests

Large-scale actions in the Georgian capital caused a court decision that justified the alleged killer of Tbilisi teenagers.

George Kvirikashvili. Photo from the website of the information agency

Georgian Prime Minister Georgy Kvirikashvili announced his resignation. His statement was made at an emergency briefing of the Cabinet, which completely resigned after its head.

Formation of the new government Kvirikashvili instructed the former prime minister, and now the head of the parliamentary coalition Bidzina (Boris) Ivanishvili. Earlier he was known as a supporter of decentralization of power and integration of Georgia with NATO and the European Union.

The resignation of Kvirikashvili took place against the backdrop of mass protests in Tbilisi from the end of May. The protesters first obtained the resignation of the Prosecutor General of Georgia Irakli Shotadze, and then demanded the resignation of the government. Kvirikashvili tried to address the participants of the action, but he was expelled from the square and showered with improvised items.

The reason for the Georgian protests was the decision of the court, which justified the accused in the murder of two Tbilisi teenagers. His accomplice was re-qualified as an accusation from an intentional murder to an attempted murder. Both suspects were seized by the knives during the detention.

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