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New law on the copyright of the European Union will lead to a ban on memes

The entry into force of the new Copyright Law could result in a global censorship on the Web, warns Sky News .

The EU Copyright Directive is intended to protect the intellectual property rights of users uploading their materials to the Internet. As a consequence, this may lead to a ban on the use of photographs that have become mem, without the permission of the copyright holder.

Opponents of the new law argue that the law “will destroy the Internet in the usual way in which we see it now” and allow large rights owners to control the actions of ordinary citizens on the Internet.

Moreover, not only memes, but parodies, which are themselves original and creative works, may be under threat, but the original content of other people is often used for their creation.

57 human rights organizations signed an open letter for the members of the European Parliament. In it, they expressed their concerns about possible new measures to protect copyright. “Article 13 creates such legal uncertainty that online services will have to follow the correspondence of EU citizens to stay in business, .

In response to all the claims, the higher ranks of the European Union answer that the main goal of the new rules is not the Orwellian dictatorship, but the protection of the rights of journalists, authors, publishers and people of creative professions. “The meaning of our proposals is that people can get money for their creative ideas. Improvement of the legislation does not violate the freedom of expression on the Web, “the press secretary of the European Commission said.

With this approach to copyright, it would be impossible to spread the virus such a meme as an “unfai thful guy” , taken from a paid resource of stock photos and without the knowledge of the owner published in social networks. Its author, the Spanish photographer Antonio Guillem (Antonio Guillem), admitted that before the popularity of the picture had no idea what a meme is. He noted that the virulence of photography significantly increased its official sales on the stock platform.

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