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Kim Jong-un met with Trump

In Singapore, the summit of the heads of the United States and the DPRK took place.

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump (Photo: Evan Vucci / AP)

In Singapore , the first meeting of the current heads of the United States and North Korea Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un took place. The leaders of the two countries exchanged a ten-second handshake before the talks began. Journalists noted that Kim Jong-un appeared at the talks with a small black folder, while Trump had nothing in his hands.

The American president promised “tremendous” relations between the countries. The leader of North Korea noted that many obstacles had to be overcome on the way to this meeting, but it still took place.

The summit began with a 40-minute private conversation. As planned, it was accompanied only by translators. What Trump and Eun agreed for this time is still unknown, but the US president has already called this part of the meeting “very, very good.”

After the private conversation ended, the official delegations joined the heads of state. The first round of negotiations lasted about an hour and a half, after which a business lunch was held. CreditDoug Mills photo, The New York Times
The historic meeting was constantly in jeopardy – the parties repeatedly exchanged harsh statements, already after reaching an agreement on the holding of the summit, Trump said that he would not take place.

The details of the final communique are not known, it is assumed that it will probably have three sections – on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, on security guarantees for North Korea and on steps to be taken by both sides. According to The New York Times, the final version of the joint statement the diplomats did not have time to agree before the meeting.

Nevertheless, Trump said that he would sign the final document. “Right now we are going to sign,” the US president said after walking with Kim Jong-no. The North Korean leader left questions for journalists about the prospects for nuclear disarmament without an answer.

Reuters photo
After the signing ceremony, Trump commented on the communique, saying that he and the leader of the DPRK had developed “special conditions” and the process of denuclearization would now go “very quickly.” Kim Jong-un in his reply promised that the world “is waiting for big changes”.

According to the document, the United States and North Korea agreed to work together to establish stability and peace on the Korean peninsula. The North Korean side confirmed its intention to work on nuclear disarmament. In addition, the countries agreed to return to the United States the remains of American prisoners of war left in the DPRK from the time of the Korean War.

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