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In Fallout 76 will be microtransactions. And other details

In the documentary about Bethesda and the development of Fallout mentioned a new game that will be released this fall. The film confirmed that in Fallout 76 will be microtransactions: for money, players will be able to buy cosmetic items. The proceeds of the money, according to the developers, will go to release free updates.

Bethesda plans to constantly support the game for many years, add new cosmetics and produce great gameplay updates.

In addition, the film has a number of new facts about the game. In particular, players will see each other on the global map. There is a mechanism of mutation due to accumulating irradiation. Mutations will give both positive and negative effects.

The weapon will wear out, the food will go out. In total in the game world it will be possible to meet 73 types of creatures. There will be monsters from the previous parts. Wild booms with weapons and remnants of reason will replace rangers, and model people are reserved only for other players. Altogether they can be from 24 to 32 on the server.

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