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Fans who are traveling to the World Cup are encouraged to vaccinate against measles

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control calls on all those who go to the World Championship in Russia to vaccinate against measles and monitor the signs of illness in themselves and their loved ones.

In Europe, the measles epidemic continues, the spread of which has tripled since 2015, especially in Romania, Ukraine and Italy. The outbreak in Romania last year killed dozens of children.

In 2017, 35 people died from measles from 20,000 infected in Europe.

Measles is a disease spread by airborne droplets . Symptoms are very similar to cold or flu symptoms – fever, cough, moist eyes and white spots in the mouth. On the second-third day of the disease, a rash appears and spreads throughout the body. Measles is highly contagious, if there is no vaccination, a person next to you will get sick with a 90th probability. Treatment is symptomatic, there is no directed drug against measles.

Measles can be prevented by vaccination. It is performed in children from 12 months and revaccination at 4-6 years with MMR vaccine.

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