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Cyberpunk 2077 will be a first-person RPG: details and screenshots

CD Projekt Red team brought to E3 not only the trailer of its new game , but also a demo, which was shown behind closed doors to journalists. And their impressions are very, very positive. But first of all it is worth noting that Cyberpunk 2077 will be a role-playing game from the first person, but in dialogs and cutscreens the perspective will change and we will be able to see our character in all its glory.

According to reviews, the detailed workings of the city are compared with the games of Rockstar. And the atmosphere with the one that is typical for cyberpunk 80’s. The city is divided into six districts with unique features.

The protagonist is the mercenary V (B). At the start of the game, the character editor will be available, you can choose the appearance and sex of your protagonist. Also at the start you will be able to choose the prehistory of the character. It will affect the further passage.

The hero will distribute skill points between stats of power, intelligence, law-abiding, reflexes, knowledge of technology and “coolness.” Skirmishes in the game will be faster than in Fallout 4, but slower than in DOOM. There will be a lot of shooting, there is a remote hacking of enemies. With the help of implants it will be possible to improve your hero.

Already in the demo, journalists noticed a large number of storyline forks. And yes, you can invite other characters to your home for the night.

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