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Charitable organizations in Africa were accused of the “sex for food” system

An 85-page report with accusations of charitable organizations was presented in 2002, but only now it was accessed

The “The Times” magazine published a report in which charities are accused of a sexual scandal.

In the fall of 2001, a group of researchers visited several refugee camps in Africa to study child sexual exploitation in these camps. The stories of women and children shocked the researchers. They told that charitable organizations offer food for sexual services.

In this community, no one can get a corn-soy mix without having to deal with this sex. Kilogram for sex.

Unknown refugee

In Liberia, a teenage girl told that workers of non-governmental organizations use rations as bait to make them have sex with them.

Sex was not only a payment for food, but for access to schooling and getting basic necessities (soap, clothes).

If you see that a young girl in a sailor hat passes by, you know how she got it

The leader of refugees in Guinea

The report was submitted to the leadership of UNHCR (Office of the United Nations High Commissioner), but it was concealed because it could damage the reputation of charitable organizations. But recently the report was published in the newspaper The Times

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