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Bloomberg: Amazon began replacing managers with robots

A year ago the company boasted that it had installed 15,000 robots without cutting a single employee.

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According to Bloomberg, Amazon began to replace brand managers with software. The interlocutors of the publication inside the company said that the management seeks to save thanks to robots that will replace the people with high salaries.

According to sources, Amazon is reforming the team that deals with the brands – now they will contact the software directly. Several top managers were either fired or transferred to other departments.

The publication specified that a turning point occurred in 2015, when the work of the marketplace brought more money than the retail team. Many brands prefer to work directly, choosing goods and delivery on their own. “Amazon realized that many employees spent a lot of time on what should be automated,” said a former Amazon employee.

In February 2017, Amazon said that he recruited 15,000 robots and did not cut, but increased the staff by half.

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