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Amazon introduced 15 thousand robots, without cutting a single employee

The world’s largest company selling goods and services through the Internet has attracted 15,000 robots a year, while increasing the staff by almost 50%. This is reported by The Quartz.

Robots of Kiva. Photos CNet
In total, Amazon employs 45,000 robots. However, they could not replace people. And the company not only does not fire its employees, but continues to increase the number of jobs. At the moment, it employs 341 thousand specialists.

The use of Amazon robots became after the acquisition of the startup Kiva in 2012. Since then, the company staff has not shrunk, but grew by 30-50% per year.

Kiva robots are used to move cabinets with goods in warehouses of the company, which significantly reduced the cost of delivery of goods.

The Quartz suggests that because of the decline in the cost of delivery, the demand for it has increased. Consequently, there was a need for new workers for warehouses.

Earlier, the head of consulting company Accenture told about automation of 17 thousand jobs without layoffs .

Experts, on the question “will people replace robots in the labor market?” Do not givecomforting answers.

Changes that the development of artificial intelligence can bring, in particular to the manufacturing sector, will lead to job losses. In this regard, we need to think about creating a system that guarantees a stable minimum income for those who lost their jobs.

Satoshi Shirato, employee of the Japanese research institute Mitsubishi
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