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A raccoon scrambled to the skyscraper was saved after he reached the top

The animal, whose travel was tracked on Twitter, was fed and promised to let go of a safe place.

Photo by Yvan Frost, AFP

Raccoon from the city of St. Paul, Minnesota, became an Internet celebrity because of its attempt to scramble up the wall onto the roof of the UBS skyscraper, one of the tallest buildings in the city. Twitter users arranged a live broadcast of the animal’s ascent, fixing its movements on photographs from the ground and from the windows of offices. After the raccoon climbed onto the roof, representatives of UBS said that the raccoon is safe.

The Wildlife Service has placed a cat food and a trap for the animal at the top. Local journalists noted that at the time of the announcement, the raccoon was still on the roof, but he was promised to release it in a safe place.

The Football Club of Minnesota United and the Mayor of St. Paul on Twitter congratulated the animal with the achievement of the set goal.

“This raccoon proved that St. Paul is a great place to take risks, ignore low chances and reach peaks”

“When I woke up and heard that the raccoon had successfully climbed onto the roof and was now safe”
And the Lawrence Police Department, Kansas, asked people not to repeat for the raccoon – even if it’s their dream.

“If this raccoon could get on the roof of the building, then anyone can fulfill their dreams. It’s inspiring. But we recommend that people do not try to climb buildings, even if it’s their dream. Raccoons know how to climb much better ”
A few hours before the raccoon’s rescue, the director of the film “The Guardians of the Galaxy” James Gunn promised to donate a thousand dollars to a charity fund to choose who will save the animal. One of the main characters of the “Guardians of the galaxy” is the talking raccoon Rocket.

Also, his ascent to the top was combined with the music from the film “Mission Impossible”.

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