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What is this thing

1. What is it? I got rid of my great-grandfather, who was a mathematician in the war.

Cryptographic machine of the Second World War. It works like that – in upper alphabets make up a word in a line, the lower alphabets will show how to encrypt it. Example with a similar encryption device Sphinx –

2. I call them “banned beach balls,” but what is it really?

These are special balls that are attached to wires and warn pilots of aircraft and helicopters at low altitude about the presence of the line. Thus, the pilot does not touch the wires.

3. We with the chef can not understand what it is. No, the plates do not hold. It’s worth this crap in the kitchen in the cafe.

As it turned out, this is fruit. Sadly, sadly …

4. My father post it on Facebook, ask what kind of thing it is.

This is a special container for cooking lontonga – the national dish of Indonesia. Lontong is a compressed sausage made from rice, cooked in banana leaves.

5. What is it? Various wooden pieces, locked in a cage in a park in Barcelona.

This is a hotel for insects – a special structure, which can accommodate useful in the garden \ park \ farming insects, for example, lacewings, ladybugs, riders, butterflies and so on. Can be of any desired shape.

6. What kind of monster is this?

This jumper – an African small animal, weighing up to 0.5 kg, very quickly jump, feed on insects. Some species are mined for meat.

7. What is it? A friend asks.

This jizaikagi is a special Japanese hook for hanging a kettle or a bowler over a fireplace in the house. The fireplace of the Irori looks like a fenced square.

Translation is conducted , that is me.

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