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“The Avengers: The War of Infinity” will be the fourth film to collect $ 2 billion

Superheroic action movie “Avengers: The War of Infinity” came close to $ 2 billion box office, according to the resource Box Office Mojo . As of June 10, the total amount received from rolled steel was $ 1 999 471 778. That is, up to two billion is missing just $ 529,000, which the tape will definitely collect.

This will allow the film to become the fourth picture in history, which collected more than two billion dollars. Previously, this could only “Avatar”, “Titanic” and the seventh episode of “Star Wars”. It is noteworthy that the first two films are directed by one director – James Cameron.

In the home market, the Avengers raised $ 655 million, while in the global box office the tape brought the creators $ 1.34 billion.

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