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Social networks were called to remove the auto-play video. It allegedly causes dependence

The Ombudsman for Children in England, Anne Longfield, urged social network leaders to disable the functions that children develop in dependence on these platforms.

The official is sure that the Internet as a whole causes affection: “All algorithms work quietly to keep us dependent.” As an example, Longfield brought the ellipsis icon that appears in the chat room when someone writes to you: ostensibly this makes you wait for an answer and spend more time in the social network.

Another example is the automatic playback of video and the launch of the next clip, when the previous one ended. Finally, Longfield recalled the collection of personal information about the preferences and interests of users. The received information is used for targeted advertising and materials, which, again, delays children (and not only them) in the social network.

In turn, a representative of the social service Snapchat said that the developers set their goal to strengthen communication and friendship of people, and not to cause them dependence.

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