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Scientists of the Bashkir University created a rapidly disintegrating plastic

Scientists from the Bashkir State University learned how to make plastic, which can decompose in the environment for a period of one to three years. At the completion of development to industrial technology, a grant of 190 million rubles was received. The university cooperates with one of the largest regional enterprises for the production of plastic products. It is planned to expand the production of products from the new organic plastic and develop a special logo for them.

They are constantly thinking about how to improve the ecological situation in the world in specialized laboratories of the Bashkir State University. In one of the laboratories graduate students of the university using unique equipment are working on the creation of organic polymer compounds. Over the past year, they have learned how to make biodegradable plastic. As a filler for plastic, vegetable substances can be used, for example, waste from processing of cotton, flax, rice, sunflower, buckwheat husk.

It’s no secret that many types of waste do not decompose for tens or even hundreds of years, which causes irreparable harm to the environment. So, for example, the term of decomposition of food waste is 30 days, iron banks – 10 years, electric batteries will decompose for more than a century, even longer – plastic bottles. While the decomposition of a thing made of a polymer with the addition of plant raw materials will be a maximum of 3 years. The development of Bashkir scientists has already been evaluated at the federal level. On its development they received a grant – 190 million rubles.

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