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Russian dog, who waited longer for the owner than Hatiko, and other stories about loyalty and devotion

Dogs that have been devoted to people all their lives.

The story of Hachiko has long become a textbook example of dog loyalty to its masters. For nine years the dog waited for his professor at the railway station, without losing hope of his return. This story became popular and even was filmed. In today’s review, we tell about the fate of five dogs from all over the world who devoted themselves to serving people.

1. Russian Hachiko

Naida was waiting for her dead master for 12 years.

The dog named Naida from Komsomolsk-on-Amur was called in life not otherwise than the Russian Khatiko, since he spent many years waiting for the owner in the park near the road. The owner of the dog died 12 years ago, he was hit by a car to death, Naida survived, and all this time she refused to leave the place of the tragedy.

Naida is the dog-hero of Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Over the years, Naidu was taken by indifferent townspeople home, but the dog yearned, it was obvious: she needed to be at the site of the death of the owner. As a result, a booth was built for the dog, it was willingly fed. True, one day the vandals decided to mock Naida, and set fire to her box, locking inside the unfortunate animal. A miracle the dog managed to save.

The project of the monument to Naide.

The life of Naida ended tragically: the dog died under the wheels of the car in 2017, actually repeating the fate of its owner. Residents of Komsomolsk-on-Amur have taken the initiative to establish a monument in honor of the faithful animal, and this year the memorial will be inaugurated on the day of the city.

2. Second Hatiko from Argentina

A dog named Captain from Argentina.

An Argentine dog named Captain is another example of loyalty and devotion. After his master passed away, the dog continued to live in the house with his family for several months, and then disappeared. After a long search the dog was found … at the grave of the owner.

The captain spent 11 years in the cemetery.

A logical explanation for how the dog managed to find a burial place, no one has. Someone says that the dog went to the smell, someone believes that this is the inner unity of the spirit, there are those who claim that a special electromagnetic field is established between animals and people. 
Whatever it was, the Captain comes to the grave of his master for 11 years.

3. A faithful dog from the USA

Dog Bobby from the USA.

Is there a limit to the possibilities? Everything depends on motivation and desire to achieve the cherished goal. The dog Bobby in the early twentieth century was famous for having overcome the path length of more than 4 thousand km, returning home to the family in which he lived.

Dog Bobby with his master.

The circumstances were that the dog was lost on the road during a trip to the state of Indiana and, despite the long search, it could not be found. The loss was severe, the family returned to Oregon. 

Six months later a real surprise awaited them: a wanderer, Bobby’s favorite, returned to the doorstep. The emaciated dog barely stood on its feet. How he managed to find the way home remains a mystery. As well as it seems incredible that he had enough strength to wade through the rivers, fields, mountains … 

Bobby’s incredible return immediately became a sensation, and this was trumpeted by the whole of America.

4. Dog Balto from Alaska

The real story of a dog named Balto.

Few people know that Balto’s cartoon dog is not a fictional character, but a real dog who performed a heroic feat and saved dozens of lives. This riding husky was always considered sluggish and slow, but it was he who showed the strength of character at a time when the lives of children were at stake.

Monument Balto in the Central Park in New York.

In Alaska, in 1925, an outbreak of diphtheria occurred, it was impossible to deliver the serum through the air because of the stormy weather, then it was decided to go for it on the dogs. 

The harness in which Balto was harnessed crossed the path of 1000 km, despite the heavy wind and snowfall. Clever dog on the road managed to avoid many dangers and reached the finish, despite physical fatigue. The children were saved, and the real story of the driving dog, who saved the city from the epidemic in the early twentieth century, became a legend.

5. Dog rescuer from Altai

History of the dog, which warmed the child with its warmth.

A year ago in Altai there was a story that shocked the whole of Russia. Mother left her two-year-old child on the veranda of the house in severe frosts. The kid was doomed to death, but survived only thanks to the fact that next to him the dog nestled and warmed the child with its warmth until the rescuers arrived.


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