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Place in Instagram: Fan Zone FM-2018, against which students of Moscow State University

She will work until the end of the Championship.

Photo by @ sfomin63

June 10 in Moscow, near the main building of Moscow State University, opened the largest fan zone of the 2018 World Cup. It will function until July 15, it is assumed that there will be broadcasted all the matches and will bring together fans from different countries.

A scandal erupted around this site in 2017: students complained that it would be impossible to study, take exams and conduct scientific work because of the fan zone. Shortly before the opening, an inscription “No fan zone” appeared on the signpost. Against the student who made it, they started a criminal case. MSU Rector publicly spoke in favor of the student – in his opinion, advocacy and ongoing investigation that is sufficient to realize the “wrongful nature of their actions.” On the eve of the opening of the site, the lawyer of the freshman said that the prosecutor’s office had stopped the case “because of the absence of corpus delicti.”

Despite the students’ performances, the fan zone was opened on time, and on the first day more than 40,000 people gathered.


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