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In Paris, the man took hostages and demanded to connect him with the embassy of Iran. A few hours later he was detained

The prefecture of the police reported the start of a special operation.

Photo by @ PGrasset1

On June 12, on the Petit Eckery Street in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, an unknown man captured hostages. According to the SNEWS channel, it is about two or three hostages. Reuters claims that there were three hostages, and one of them managed to escape, having been wounded.

The criminal stated that he was armed with a pistol and a bomb.

According to the media, it is not a terrorist act. The operation is conducted by a special brigade to combat organized crime, and not a special unit to combat terrorism.

Updated at 21:10. The head of the French Ministry of Internal Affairs said that the criminal was detained. The hostages are safe.

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