How to turn iPhone into microphone for Mac

The capabilities of Apple’s operating systems are sometimes so wide that you learn about some functions only after a long time. We share a useful advice on how to turn your iPhone into a full-featured microphone for your Mac.

Someone has long known about this function, and for someone it will be a real discovery.

Step 1. Using the Lightning cords, connect the iPhone to the Mac. 
Step 2. Open Programs -> Utilities and start the Audio-MIDI Settings application.

Step 3. Click the Login tab. 
Step 4. On the side list opposite iPhone, select Enable.

Now everything you say in the microphone of the smartphone will be transmitted directly to the Mac. So the iPhone can be used as an additional audio device at times when there is no access to a full-blown microphone.

This chip works not only on the current beta version of macOS Mojave, but also on the Sierra and High Sierra.

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