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E3 Expo: Electronic Arts Conference

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Last year’s conference EA PLAY on of Electronic Art s was … not the most successful. This is not much better.

Battlefield V

He opened the conference Battlefield V , and after his presentation, it was the impression that now this is not the most important project for Electronic Arts. We were given almost no new information and showed another trailer without real gameplay . The plot in it, too, was not: this part of the project is planned to be highlighted at the Microsoft conference .

Trailer multiplayer Battlefield V. This time much more serious and even with music

The developers still stressed that there will not be lutboks, and DLC and updates will go to all the owners of the game for free. But, perhaps, the main news about Battlefield V is the following: with one of the additions there will be a “royal battle”.

However, there is a nuance. May 24, we wrote that the developers are only discussing this regime, and further conversations and prikidok business they do not go. And after just a couple of weeks “we failed” turns into a sure “royal battle to be” – apparently, the negative reaction of the community forced the EA to press developers, and so they had to “change their shoes in the air.” When this mode is finally added-it does not seem that at the start-and how good it is, it’s not clear yet. Battlefield V very much wants to compete on an equal footing with Black Ops 4 , but now the account in this confrontation is clearly not in favor of the offspring DICE.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Command & Conquer: Rivals and Sea of ​​Solitude

The rumors were confirmed: a new project for the universe of “Star Wars” from Respawn Entertainment , which made both parts of Titanfall, is really in the works! In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, we have to play for the Jedi, and the plot will cover the period between the events of the third and fourth episodes of the saga, when the Jedi were hunted by the fighters of the Empire. At such an event the announcement should be at the level of Battlefront II … but what did EA do? They asked the presenter to exchange a few words with the developer sitting in the hall, even on the stage for the sake of this announcement did not come out! Thank you for not being limited to Facebook!

Thought we were joking? At least one concept art show!

And a similar modus operandi is typical for the entire EA conference. “The worst US company in 2012 and 2013” simply can not or does not want to understand what is interesting to the player. Another example is Command & Conquer: Rivals . EA again aroused indignation because Rivals – mobile game and show her spend more time than Battlefield the V .

No, perhaps Electronic Arts is right in the long term and beyond the mobile games the future, but it’s not worth releasing the continuation of the cult strategy on phones, and all the more it is not worthwhile to show it on E3 longer than the AAA-shooter! Not that scale yet. Annoyed fans quite predictably went to take out their anger on the trailer of the project – dislays.

Official trailer Command and Conquer: Rivals. At the time of writing the material under the video 783 husk against 12 000 dislays.

But do not be there C & C stickers, you could see a very curious mechanic, in fact – a full transfer of all elements of RTS to the screen of your mobile phone. Here is the collection of resources, here are the buildings, here is the positioning of the army, that’s the embryonic economy, that’s almost infinite potential for development strategies – all without a huge map and cumbersome microcontrol!

I’m sure you wanted this Command & Conquer …

Against the backdrop of such unsuccessful decisions, the truly intriguing projects related to EA are not perceived with delight, but with suspicion that this is another trick for begging for sins or drawing out money. Take at least EA Originals . After the grand success of A Way Out – two million players in the first two weeks! – the managers of the company were convinced that the indie sector can be profitable.

On paper – a great option. A large company that has grown and achieved success helps an unknown indie developer to get into people to be noticed, and does not interfere in the creative process. But only above these projects now hangs shadow EA. Therefore, the attitude to the Sea of ​​Solitude , whose developers the company took under their care, willy-nilly formed skeptical. I want to believe that it’s vain, but it’s also Electronic Arts – there simply can not do without pitfalls!

Unravel Two

What still could be pleasantly surprised is the release of Unravel Two , which took place immediately after the presentation of the game at the conference. On the one hand, this is a sincere surprise and a wow effect. In addition, this is bringing to the ideal of the trend set by Bethesda a few years ago: announce the games a maximum of a year before their release. It is not necessary to unfold a huge PR campaign, and then be responsible for unfulfilled promises or, even worse, for the cancellation of the project.

Official Trailer Unravel Two

The presentation is the same with a shy developer – oh, like the bosses of EA drive out on the stage modest creators of indie projects! – was, perhaps, the brightest spot of the event. That’s what sequels should be: not just a double portion of what the original was remembered, but a full-fledged development of ideas, an entrance to a completely new level. And the opportunity not to chew yourself six months of nails in anticipation of release – a very nice bonus.


Of course, the main character on EA PLAY is Anthem . The project, which all its kind screams that it does not look like other games, but in reality it still looks like a hybrid of The Divisionand Destiny with a light touch of Titanfall .

Cinematic trailer Anthem

What does it mean in the end? Anthem – story-oriented multiplayer action movie. The main idea was to create a new world with new characters, but in such a way that you could run around with friends, and the story did not stay somewhere on the sidelines. The developers believe that in other projects this is due to the mixing in some locations of narrative and gameplay components. Therefore, the employees of Bioware conditionally divided the world into two parts – an external aggressive environment and a hub . In the first, we will perform tasks with friends, and only single mode will be available in the hub. It is here that the main plot of Anthem will develop.

Despite the imprisonment for multiplayer, the whole game can be easily passed to one

Thus, developers want to combine the story, characteristic of a single game, with cooperative gameplay. Will this work? In theory – it can. BioWare can create great worlds and tell exciting stories. And the joint solution of combat missions during sorties, in theory, to prevent immersion should not.

All rests solely on whether all participants in the operation will be able to receive the same playing experience, feel themselves as the main actors, and influence history equally. Or is the king alone, and his companions are assigned the role of a support team that goes on a safari to the glory of grind and munchkinism?

In this case, the dive will certainly suffer: you just in the hub talked with the NPC about how to save the planet, and after five minutes already in the mission, you crack with the party members that it’s good to have time to go through the stage in half an hour, because they are tomorrow at work.

Gameplay Anthem

A little worries and the model of distribution. The developers said that Anthem will become a game-service. This means that the project will be supported for a long time, constantly updating and supplementing it. In this case, we are assured that the players already at the start will get a full story, they do not have to wait or buy DLC to complete it. Here the most questions arise: what is the concept of the service then, if the players are immediately given everything? We, of course, are promised a system in which it will be easy to build new stories and story branches, but how does this work, especially in the absence of PvP?

In total, the game has four types of exotic suits – Ranger, Colossus, Storm and Interceptor. The costume is a class, and to change it you do not need to create a new character

In addition, it is not yet clear how EA plans to earn money on the game. We know that we are waiting for a one-time purchase and paid cosmetic improvements – no lutboks and pay-to-win, but for a game-service with a long life cycle it’s not enough.

Is it possible to earn enough on skins for costumes to keep an ambitious project afloat for years? Hardly. So paid DLC seem the most realistic way of development. However, there is an option, in which they will get players for it.

Perhaps with the help of Anthem EA wants to encourage players to pay for Origin Access Premier– a premium subscription, which the company announced at the conference. Its main difference is that with it all EA games will be available to players , including Anthem, Battlefield V and FIFA 19. And if the development of the BioWare brainchild is tied specifically to funding through Access Premier, then this is a very witty move. In fact, we will have a game with a regular payment in a market where there is no place for such a distribution model.

Just imagine: instead of buying an annual FIFA part, Battlefield or paying for the next DLC for Anthem, you simply renew your subscription all the time. This will work on the Netflix field and major software manufacturers: we are already used to giving them money regularly, getting in return full access to the entire assortment. Series from EA change from year to year is not too strong, but still have to buy new parts. It is logical to make one game and update it from year to year, and to save money with a subscription. Where is cheaper for developers and more convenient for users.

* * *

In EA, it seems, they do not quite understand how to show their games so that the audience is satisfied. Important information has to be read between the lines, minor projects are given more time than the main ones, and trailers and gameplay shows “successfully” replace conversations with abstract topics.

However, this year was at least a little bit, but more interesting than in the past. You’ll see, by 2025 you’ll grow to the level of Devolver presentations !

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