Apple banned the production of crypto-currency through applications on its devices

Apple banned the use of devices on iOS for mining crypto currency

The manual for applications for the iPhone and iPad made changes that prohibit the mining of crypto currency. A few weeks ago, this situation was not, as the website of AppleInsider found out

A new point in the rules is introduced due to the fact that the devices can rapidly lose battery power.

Unlike the ban on advertising, which can be dropped on the device, the situation also says that applications for mining will be excluded from the application store, even if the user knew exactly about this operation.

In any case, the devices on iOS are not ideal for mining, they do not have enough computing power, unlike video cards, which are common for miners for crypto currency production.

The publication BusinessInsider drew attention to Apple’s new rules for application developers. The creators of programs were prohibited from directing text tokens on users’ devices.

Previously, item 2.4.2 of the AppStore rules said that developers should create energy-efficient applications that should not quickly consume the device’s charge, heat gadgets or overload them. Now there is added a postscript – applications should not run third-party background processes like crypto currency mining.

In March, it became known that the popular application Calendar 2 offered access to the Pro-version functions for allowing the user to token on his computer tokens. The application was removed from the AppStore. Then the developers released an updated version, in which the mining was no longer there.

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