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86-year-old resident of Saransk will become a volunteer at the 2018 World Cup

She can wring 18 times in a row and learn English.

Photo of Izvestia of Mordovia

The most “age-old” volunteer of the World Cup in Russia will be 86-year-old Lydia Volkova, formerly an accountant and employee of the Ministry of Finance of Mordovia.

Its tasks, it worked together with other volunteers in December 2017 at one of the hockey matches in Saransk. At the World Cup, it is likely to work in one of the information and tourist points.

I knew all the hockey players by their names, I knew all the players. I even had a special general notebook for this case.

Lydia Volkova
Volunteer World Cup 2018

The so-called “silver” volunteering for people over 55 in Mordovia has been practiced since 2016. At the World Cup, hundreds of age-old volunteers are expected to work, they will work on par with the rest, but they plan to attract them to areas with the least physical exertion.

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