The network appeared scheme 6.5-inch iPhone

Before the presentation of new Apple smartphones there is not much time left. So it’s no wonder that in the coming months we will see more and more leaks that in some way or other will reveal the mystery of the future iPhone. Its veil today opened the schematic drawing images of the iPhone X Plus with a 6.5-inch display. The media writes that there are three cameras on the diagram, but in fact, but it’s not. 

Immediately let us mention that this module of the camera can be double, and the third round slot will be given under a flash. This solution is implemented in the iPhone X last year. From what damp fantasies were there considered the third camera – a mystery. At least another cutout for the flash on the back of the smartphone is not visible. But the “experts” still assume that the flash will simply appear off the main module of the camera.

It is assumed that the aspect ratio of the 6.5-inch screen will be 19: 9, and the dimensions of the smartphone’s case will be 157.2 by 77.1 mm. The current iPhone X is 143.6 by 70.9 mm with a diagonal screen of 5.8 inches.

Also appeared images of 6.1-inch iPhone with dimensions of 147.12 by 71.52 mm. It is called “budget”. He has only one camera’s eye on the back panel and there is a cutout for the flash. Its “budget” is explained by the fact that the screen will not support 3D Touch technology.

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