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The Bulgarian authorities pardoned the cow, “escaped” from the EU

According to veterinary rules, it should have been put to sleep, since the animal spent two weeks outside the borders of the European Union.

Representatives of the Bulgarian Agency for Food Quality Control said that the pregnant cow of Penka, famous in the media, will be returned to the owner.

The fame of the animal brought “escape” from the European Union: in mid-May, it fought off the herd and crossed the border with Serbia, which is not part of the EU. Later it was found by Serbian farmers who returned the cow to their homeland. She was examined and no illnesses were found, but according to the law, a cow imported into the European Union without a special certificate should be sent to the slaughterhouse.

The history of the cow came first in local, and then in the world media, a petition in defense of Penka collected 25 thousand signatures.

For the cow intervened British musician Paul McCartney.

By June 11, the issue with the animal was settled, the cow was promised not to hammer and return the owner to the village of Kopilovichi.

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