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RTVI: Ivan Urgant received Israeli citizenship

Previously, Roman Abramovich received Romanian citizenship.

As RTVI reported on the morning of June 11, referring to several sources in the government of Israel, the famous Russian TV host received Israeli citizenship.

Israeli media in Russian “Vesti” wrote on June 10 that Urgant, having flown into the country with his wife Natalia Kiknadze and two daughters, received an ID card of an Israeli citizen, or teudat-zeut, right at the airport Ben-Gurion, in the reception department new repatriates. According to the same media, Ivan will leave Israel on the evening of the 11th, to shoot the new issue of “Evening Urgant”.

A little later in his instagram Ivan Urgant wrote that he really flew to Israel for a couple of days, but did not confirm or deny information about the new citizenship.

I really went to Israel … for two days. Here women are buried, who raised me and whom I love very much – my great-grandmother and my aunt. I remain a citizen of Russia, I really love my country and I’m not going to leave it. Out of respect for my family, I beg you: do not frighten my grandmother Nina Nikolayevna with my mythical emigration!

Ivan Urgant

At the end of May, a Russian businessman, Roman Abramovich, was also granted a passport of an Israeli citizen, who was refused a British visa extension. Many publications reported that after the repatriation, Abramovich became the richest citizen of Israel.

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