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Cyberpunk 2077, Devil May Cry 5, Halo Infinite and Battletoads! What did Microsoft show at E3?

One left Microsoft made Electronic Arts, which yesterday 10 minutes showed how two guys on mobile phones played in Command & Conquer. Trailers and announcements went one by one. And when it seemed that the conference was already over, CD Projekt Red hacked it and showed the trailer Cyberpunk 2077. And it was fucking cool!

Let’s start from the end. When Phil Spencer already said goodbye to the audience, on all screens on the stage ran the noise. CD Projekt Red broke the conference and showed a dynamic, bright and impregnated cyberpunk trailer for its new game Cyberpunk 2077 , announced back in May 2012. There is no exact release date, but the developers promise to tell more about the game at the exhibition starting from June 12. There are rumors that the game will be released very soon since the beginning of the PR campaign. I want to believe these rumors.

The creators of Dark Souls and Bloodborne do not rest on their laurels. At the conference, they announced their new game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in the setting of medieval Japan. The game will be released in 2019.

In the ocean of epic world, the trailer was shown Devil May Cry 5 . Previous game in the series came out 10 years ago! Lord, what we are old … Judging by the trailer, the main character of the game will be Nero. Although at the end of the trailer, we see an aged Dante on a motorcycle. The game is released in the spring of 2019.

And the winter of 2019 will be very hot. At the conference, the date of the Metro Exodus launch was announced on February 22, 2019. On the same day, Days Gone and Anthem are due out. In the trailer there are religious fanatics, as well as a lot of English with a Russian accent.

Exclusive for Xbox One will be the new Halo Infinite . There are very few details about it yet. There is not even an estimated release date.

Head of Bethesda Todd Howard personally took to the stage to show the new trailer Fallout 76 . It will be a prequel to all the games of the series. The game will unfold in West Virginia in the territory four times more than in Fallout 4. We will have to restore not only “houses and walls, but also the spirit.” Given that pre-orders for the game will be accepted on June 15, it may be released this fall.

Forza Horizon 4 is released on October 2, 2018. There will be not just a dynamic change of weather, day and night, but also a change of seasons: winter, spring, summer, autumn. The player will travel in the open world with other players in the landscapes of Britain.

Three games were presented at once for the universe of Gears of War. The first was the mobile Gears POP(the characters look like Funko POP figures). It will be released in 2019. The second is tactical turn-based strategy Gears Tactics in the spirit of X-COM without the release date. The third was Gears 5 . The name was cut off for some reason. Apparently, with a hint that it will be something different than what the gamers saw in the controversial Gears of War 4.

Also, the release of the sequel to Dying Light was announced. The developers promise that in Dying Light 2the player’s actions and his choice will influence the development of the world. And this will be some big city with different factions. Parkour in the zombie apocalypse will come out when. No dates yet.

Ubisoft showed the gameplay of The Division 2 . In the story trailer, they talked about how America fell. This miracle will be released on March 15, 2019.

Creators of the interactive “KINZ” Life is Strange announced The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit . Judging by the trailer, we will have to travel in the fantasies of a teenager. It sounds strange, yes. The game will be released on June 26 and will be available for free. Most likely, it means that this day will be her first episode.

A new trailer for Shadow of the Tomb Raider was also shown . The gloomy end of the trilogy awaits us on September 14.

A trailer was shown and already had time to be shown on the Internet Just Cause 4 . This is one of the few games from the presentation, which will be released in 2018 (December 4).

In July and September for Sea of ​​Thieves there will be two updates: Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores. Those who bought the game will not be so offensive.

The gameplay of the platformer Ori and the Will of the Wisps was also shown . The game will be released in 2019.

In the middle of the conference, Microsoft talked about the acquisition of several gaming studios . They will be engaged in the release of exclusives for Xbox One and Windows. Among the purchases are Undead Labs (State of Decay), Playground Games (Forza Horizon), Ninja Theory (Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, restarting DmC: Devil May Cry) and Compulsion Games (We Happy Few). Also, an entirely new studio, The Initiative, was created, headed by Darrell Gallagher of Crystal Dynamics.

We Happy Few , by the way, will be released on August 10th. And it must wait.

Also we were shown the next trailer of the long-term Crackdown 3 . With Terry Crews in the role of glavgeroy. The game comes out (again) in February 2019.

A little earlier (January 29, 2019) will Kingdom Hearts 3 with the characters of Disney cartoons.

As early as 2019, the addition of The Delicious Last Course for Cuphead will be with the new bosses.

The most incomprehensible announcement appeared simulator Skater Session . Unfortunately, he is one of the few who will be released this year.

Bandai Namco showed the insane fighting force Jump Force with the anime heroes. There are Naruto and characters from the Death Note!

I almost forgot about Battletoads ! It would be absolutely unforgivable. The game will be released in 2019. The original came out in 1991 for NES, and in 1994 the development of the franchise froze on the game for arcade machines.

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