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A former employee of the US presidential administration told about Trump’s habit of tearing important documents

He and his colleagues had to collect and glue fragments.

A former employee of the US White House, Solomon Lartey, spent the first five months of Trump’s management, gluing fragments of documents torn by the new president. He built a career for about 30 years, but, he said, for the first time faced such a phenomenon.

All important presidential documents must be deposited with the National Archives of the United States, but Trump often did not follow this rule. The main working tool of Lerti and his colleagues in the special department of the presidential administration was a transparent scotch that glued fragments.

Sometimes Trump just tore the document into two parts, and sometimes turned it into “a kind of confetti”, throwing it in the trash can or just on the floor. It was not possible to exclude him from the habit of tearing up the papers with which he had finished working.

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