6 types of applications that will die with the release of iOS 12

I’m sure some developers are seriously upset after the presentation of WWDC 2018. And it’s not that iOS 12 was not pleased with something new and interesting, but that some of its innovations are corny “killing” many applications in the App Store.

Owners of what services can stay at the broken trough? We collected in the material of all the “losers”.

1. Rulers and roulettes


In iOS 12, the Measure tool has appeared , with which you can measure the size of objects and rooms in augmented reality.

Thus, applications (most of which are paid), dedicated to measuring physical dimensions with AR, are no longer needed.

2. Masks and filters


Apple is not resting the success of Snapсhat and MSQRD.

Several new Animoji masks , as well as the Memoji chip , which creates an animated version of the owner, should become a worthy alternative to well-known applications. Also in iOS 12 during shooting, it was possible to add various visual effects.

Bitmoji can be sent to the trash, and many other similar programs too. If, of course, you have an iPhone X.

3. Group calls


Apple seriously updated Facetime . In iOS 12 in the company application, you can communicate immediately to 32 interlocutors.

Skype, imo and other alternatives can be deleted.

4. Podcasts in Apple Watch


Now users can listen to podcasts live from Apple Podcasts directly to Apple Watch with LTE-module. Just like Apple Music.

It’s true that you can not download podcasts for hours. But I think it’s a matter of time.

The owners of the popular application Outcast appeared a serious competitor.

5. Custom Usage Scenarios


With the updated Siri, you can “program” personalized combinations. For example, one voice command to include home navigation, send a text message to the wife and turn on the favorite playlist.

Conveniently? Yes. Does it work in beta? Not yet.

Nevertheless, the famous IFTTT mash-service, capable of combining a variety of applications, is now under threat.

6. Updated recorder


Serious changes the new version of the built-in recorder did not get, there was support for the iPad. Nevertheless, some users, for sure, will be pleased with a couple of innovations. One of them is the ability to download entries to iCloud and access them from other Apple devices.

Utilities “dictaphone” in the App Store is almost unnecessary, because before they were put mainly for convenient copying of records from iPhone to other devices.

It is interesting that the developers of the above mentioned popular services think about innovations and whether they will develop them further.

PS Approximately the same apps for scanning QR-code with iOS 11 output, where this chip was built right into the camera application, died.

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