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Two “Airbus-A380” are going to be disposed of, because they are not needed by anyone

Currently, the two largest serial airliners in the world are parked at the foot of the French Pyrenees.

After the carrier of Singapore Airlines in mid-2017 returned the liners to the German investment fund that owns them. Peters after the 10-year lease agreement, new operators for aircraft can not be found. Negotiations were conducted with the British airline British Airways, Iranian Air Air and Portuguese Hi Fly, but they failed for various reasons.

In a recent appeal to shareholders, the management of the fund warns that if the situation does not change, the shareholders’ meeting on June 28 will have to make a decision on the disposal of aircraft. It will take about two years and will allow us to get $ 80 million for each ship from selling it on spare parts. At the time of the premiere 10 years ago, the price of one A380 was $ 250 million, and according to the current price list of Airbus, it exceeds $ 445 million.

The manufacturer still continues to produce the A380 model thanks to the large-scale order of the Emirates airline from the UAE, which arrived in January 2018 – the only one in the world that decided to make this model the basis of its fleet of aircraft. However, other carriers prefer to choose more compact models that consume less fuel. In addition, there is a shortage of used spare parts for the model, which makes its content very expensive.

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