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The Moscow hotel agreed to settle at the original price of the guests who booked the room for the year before the 2018 World Cup

Previously, the manager tried to deny the reservation due to an increase in price five times, and then offered a compromise with a price that was three times too high.

Example hotel “Twin”, which was booked in the Croissant, guests from Mexico
Hotel-bakery “Croissant” agreed to occupy guests from Mexico at the original price. The total amount for booking a room for 17 nights was 29,750 rubles, instead of the proposed variant of 8,990 rubles. About this told the journalist Olga Kanorskaya.

On June 7, Kanorskaya published the story of her “friends of friends” from Mexico, who booked a room in “Croissant” a year before the World Cup. Twelve months later, the foreigners tried to pay for the room, but found out that the price had increased five-fold.

As a compromise, the manager of the institution offered to pay for the room an amount that is three times different from the original one. Representatives of the hotel did not respond to request to explain on what grounds they overstated prices for their services on the eve of the 2018 World Cup.

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