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G6 + 1: Trump refused to support the final communique of the G7 summit

His decision, he explained the statements of the Prime Minister of Canada.

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President of the United States Donald Trump said that, taking into account the latest statements of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, decided to refuse approval of the text of the final communique of the G7 summit.

“Based on Justin’s untrue statements at his press conference and the fact that Canada imposed high duties on the products of our farmers, workers and companies, I ordered US representatives not to sign a communiqué, as we are considering the possibility of duties on cars that were flooded by the American market”

“Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau during our meetings at the G7 summit was meek and gentle, but then at a press conference after my flight said that” American duties are somewhat offensive “and that he” will not give himself offense “. Very dishonest and weak. Our duties are a response to its duties of 270% on dairy products “

Explanations from the White House has not yet followed. Trudeau’s press secretary Cameron Ahmad in his statement stressed that the Canadian prime minister “did not say anything that they had not been told before.”

The summit, held in the Canadian city of La Malbecue in Quebec, in the media dubbed “G6 + Trump,” implying a special position of the US on a number of key issues.

In particular, the United States unilaterally withdrew from the Paris agreement on the climate and the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, and also imposed duties on steel and aluminum, including against Canada and European partners.

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