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As Rick and Morti Kanye West on his birthday congratulated

June 8, 2018 extravagant rapper Kanye West turned 41 years old. In this regard, the rapper’s wife Kim Kardashian-West published in her tweet congratulations to her husband on behalf of Rick and Morty – the heroes of the animated series of the same name. Both of them behind the scenes were voiced by the creator of the series Justin Royland.

The congratulations turned out to be eerie – instead of singing the traditional Happy Birthday To You, that’s it, the characters tell how they got into bed to West and even stole some of his hair. For what? In order to clone it, of course!

On Twitter this news was met with horror.

We can barely cope with one West, DO NOT HAVE US CLONES! Happy birthday, Kanye.

In May 2018, when the Adult Swim channel ordered 70 new episodes of Rick and Morty, West shared this joyful news with subscribers, telling that he was a big fan of the series.

Great news. This is my favorite show. I watched every episode at least five times.

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