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25 facts and figures about which you probably did not know

How much everything in our world is interesting – you can not convey. And if all this is also in figures, for a better understanding of volumes, amounts, masses, etc., it is even more interesting. We present a selection of figures from different areas of our life. Enjoy and be surprised!


1 000 000 GB of information can accommodate human memory. This amount of memory is enough to record a video lasting 3 million hours and it should have been watched for 350 years in a row

The most valuable art ever sold is Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Savior of the World”, which the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi bought – $ 450,300,000

1/3 of the products produced in the world are in the garbage dump or are lost. Each inhabitant of Europe and North America annually accounts for 95 to 115 kg of discarded products per year, per inhabitant of Africa, South and South-East Asia – from 6 to 11 kg

All over the world today, 4280 skyscrapers are built above 150 m. Leaders in such buildings are China (1672) and the United States (740). Russia occupies the 17th place in the rating, having on its territory 40 high-rise buildings

The command of the aerospace defense of North America (NORAD) felt that in order to give gifts to all children, Santa Claus on his harness must overcome 510 million km

“Track” the route on-line since 1958. According to NORAD, Santa is moving at the speed of light. This means that it can overcome about 25,920,000,000 kilometers in 24 hours.

0.1 × 39,800,000,000 = 3,980,000,000 mm, or 3,980 km of such a height will be a bundle of banknotes if you collect all the paper dollars on Earth and stack them on top of each other and this pyramid will go beyond the atmosphere

The largest treasure in the world was discovered in 2011 in the underground storage of a Hindu temple in the city of Trivandrum (Kerala, India). This is a few tons of gold and gold jewelry worth $ 22 billion

Spice production in the world (in tons)

Pepper * 36 606 068 
* Bulgarian pepper and fresh chilies, as well as dry chili and pepper black, green, white. 
Ginger 2,156,453 
Anise, tubby, fennel and coriander 970 404 
Cinnamon 213 678 
Carnations 152 968 
Nutmeg, matsis and cardamom 106 339 
Vanilla 7 746

18.2 liters – consumption of pure alcohol per capita (over 15 years) in Lithuania, the largest in the world

The largest revenue from tourists are Dubai ($ 28.5 billion) and New York ($ 17.020 billion)

The ruling monarchs ruling the longest

Every inhabitant of the Earth spends an average of almost three months a year on the World Wide Web. The army of users of social networks has 2,078 billion people, it is 29% of the population

20 cm – the level of the World Ocean has risen so much over the past century. Each year, it increases by an average of 3.4 mm

The most influential countries in the world. Red – the highest influence, orange – medium, yellow – low, green – very low, gray survey was not conducted

The rating of influence is the US News & World Report “The Best Countries of the World”, which is compiled on the basis of a survey of 21,372 informed respondents (representatives of business and political elites). Includes an assessment of the state leader, relations with the rest of the world, the influence of culture, political influence and international alliances of the country.

65.6 million people have left permanent residence worldwide (2017 data)

The average world level of motorization is 182 cars per 1000 inhabitants

In the world there are 1,644 geysers, of which 1041 are active, 272 are asleep and 331 are extinct

$ 13.5 million is the largest ransom in history. Was paid to Somali pirates in 2011 for the release of the tanker Irene SL. He transported 2 million barrels. oil (the value of the cargo was estimated at $ 200 million)

About 2.8 million people a year die due to health problems associated with overweight and obesity

In North America, only 6% of the world’s population lives, but it accounts for 34% of the “extra” biomass of mankind. And in Asia, where 61% of the world’s population lives – only 13%. If the average weight of a person in the whole world was the same as in the US, this would be equivalent to an increase in the world population by 1 billion people.

Venezuela has the largest reserves of oil – 300.9 billion barrels, or 47 billion tons (17.7% of the world total). Russia is the world’s largest oil producer

14% of the world’s population can be considered middle class. The state of these people is growing more slowly than the wealth of the highest stratum of the world society

Most coffee is not consumed in Brazil, which is the leader in the production and export of coffee, and in Finland (3.4 cups a day), Sweden (3.3) and the Netherlands (3.1)

2.5 centimeters – this layer of water will cover the Earth, if all the moisture contained in the atmosphere in the form of steam, will rain

Emirates – the country in which the largest number of working foreigners – 85%.

Indigenous people work in government agencies, in the justice system, they are on the boards of directors of international economic and financial organizations. All foreigners are engaged in construction and services.

There are 14 countries on the equator. To date, no traveler has been able to bypass all these countries and thus make a round-the-world trip along the equator


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