12 main iOS tips that you can not keep silent about

The main theme of the presentation, which opened the conference WWDC 2018, remains iOS 12, and its features and media capabilities from different parts of the world will be accurately spoken before iOS 13 at WWDC 2019.

To call iOS 12 an over-innovative language is not rotated. This is a large, but still evolutionary update of the mobile operating system Apple. Nevertheless, it still got enough new opportunities, and we identified the 12 most useful for each of us.

1. Control point and Multitasking separately on iPad

With the release of iOS 11, Apple began to split the operating system for the iPhone and iPad. The latter has long been positioned as an ultra-mobile tool for solving work tasks in cramped conditions, and last year the company began to confirm this not only with loud slogans, but also with software.

Nevertheless, personally to me the tablet version of iOS 11 seemed too cumbersome and at times even awkward.

That only there is a general menu of Control Point and Multitasking, in which both shortcuts for quick control of the main capabilities of the iPad, and switching between the last running applications.

It seems that a year later Apple realized their mistake, therefore in iOS 12 the company decided to divide these two sections. Now on the iPad, like on the iPhone, the Control Point and Multitasking are two separate menus that are especially convenient to use, keeping the tablet shed .

But I do not think that users of the Smart Keyboard, which turns the iPad Pro into a typewriter, will be disappointed by this state of affairs. No, the Control point is used less often than Multitasking, so the location of the latter on the whole screen will be convenient for them.

2. Convenient gestures from the iPhone X for the entire iPad line

iOS 11 on the iPhone X is very different from the operating system on other devices, not only externally, but also in the manner of management.

Since the jubilee smartphone lost the Home button, the company replaced its use with a whole set of convenient gestures for calling Multitasking, navigating to the Control Point and quickly switching between the latest applications – all of this moves from 10 to all iPads.

For example, the Control Point is now triggered by the swipe from the right side of the top edge of the screen down, Multitasking crawls out after a specific gesture from the bottom edge of the screen upward, and you can switch between the latest applications in a circular svaypom at the bottom of the screen.

In principle, earlier all the same possibilities could be used with the help of multi-finger gestures, but they were not as convenient as new ones.

3. iOS 12 works fine even on the old iPhone 5s

iOS 11 is rightly considered one of the slowest and most unstable versions among all mobile OS of Apple. We started testing it right after WWDC 2017, and even after the release of the final version, many problems remained.

The situation was slightly corrected only with the release of iOS 11.2 and iOS 11.3, but even iOS 11.4 did not work really well. That’s why in comparisons with Android, the perfect operating system in the past was called a real brake.

Long before WWDC 2018, there were rumors in the network that Apple decided to postpone until iOS 13 most of the planned features for iOS 12 and focus on speed and stability. It looks like the company did it.

We’ve already seen that iOS 12 beta 1 works fine even on the iPhone 5s, and this is only the first test version. It is difficult to imagine what quality of work it will surprise us after the release .

We wait!

4. The smartest Notification Center that was on iOS

When Apple stole the Notification Center from Android for iOS, we were delighted to be able to quickly view all the new messages from social networks and instant messengers, reminders and other ones coming in one place.

Nevertheless, over the past few years, the number of notifications has increased significantly, and this menu has practically not changed in the mobile OS. It turned into a real dump from dozens of incoming, which in recent years it was almost impossible to use.

Interestingly, Android in this regard is changing in almost every version. For example, the Notification Center in it supports grouping by applications for more than a year, and all this time we lick at this counter of the competitive OS.

But everything changes. IOS 12 reworked the Notification Center, which received not only grouping incoming applications, but also the ability to quickly manage without going to Settings .

For example, you can turn off notifications directly from the lock screen or turn off the reception sound.

5. Screen time, which will allow you to control yourself

To be honest, sometimes I get the impression that there are programmers who simultaneously work on Android, and on iOS. Nothing else I can not explain the almost simultaneous appearance of almost identical new features in two OSes.

One of these was the time control of the use of specific applications and the device as a whole. With it, you can set the number of hours or minutes you want to spend for meaningless paging Instagram tape or reading Twitter.

Many immediately reacted to this possibility skeptically. They stressed that they are already holding themselves, and this problem is relevant only in the decaying West. But I do not agree.

To be honest, more than once firmly stuck in the same YouTube, when all the deadlines for work were already burning. In a large volume of tasks and a small amount of sleep, the brain decided to simply switch, and such an “alarm clock” would be useful .

Moreover, this function makes it possible to control not only yourself, but also your children. You can remotely set the number of hours that your child will play on the iPad, after which it will be notified that it’s time to round off and block the application. It is very cool!

6. A great update of the Animoji for the iPhone X and not only

Many people are skeptical about Animoji, and I very much regret that Apple did not add their support to devices without True Depth and I feel deprived. They are already a part of pop culture, and it is pointless to argue with this.

Firstly , in iOS 12 their number increased: added a dinosaur, ghost, tiger cub and koala.

Secondly , the opportunity to learn to understand the open mouth, to distinguish and copy the tongue sticking out. Pampering, but very funny.

Third , Memoji appeared. These are such Animodzi, but not just animals, but oneself. You have the opportunity to create one or more of your avatars, which you can use to record video and not only.

And Apple allowed to use it all right in the Camera, so you can share video recordings with Animodz not only through Messages, but through any other applications.

7. Re-engineered Augmented Reality engine ARKit 2.0

It seems to me that the augmented reality will be used as actively as possible when a convenient device for this appears. Call the iPhone or iPad these can not even with great stretch – you need Apple Glass or something like that.

Nevertheless, the engine of the augmented reality of Apple ARKit is actively developing and has already reached version 2.0. He learned how to work with the volume , and the company demonstrated its main features with the help of the built-in iOS 12 application called Measure.

It is such a virtual measuring device, which already today has good accuracy, comparable with traditional instruments.

But the space for the development of augmented reality is almost infinite. It is especially interesting to see a jump in this direction in games.

8. Updated Photo application, which is now more convenient

The Photo application is becoming more and more interesting from a wide variety of points of view. It already begins to seem to me a real competitor for Google Photos, although previously I considered it absolutely different. What’s interesting about iOS 12?

First , the albums in the Photos app are rethought. Now yours will be displayed in two lines with a horizontal scroll. Now you can not see the created applications, but everything else is closer. Pretty!

Secondly , Apple has put on the search engine and machine learning, which allows you to find photos not just by keywords, but also by context. It’s great!

Thirdly , it is now very convenient to share photos from joint trips with friends. You can send them pictures via iCloud, and they will immediately receive a request to send their own from the same location in response.

If this continues, it will be necessary to download all your photos from the Google service and upload it here.

9. Recycled mode Do not disturb with geolocation

It’s great that Apple decided to continue developing the Do Not Disturb. Earlier, you had only 2 ways: turn it on manually through the Control Point or automatically by time through Settings.

But in iOS 12 the tool received additional chips. For example, you can now disable application locking after a geolocation change . It’s great when you’re at a meeting, you leave the room and immediately begin to receive notifications.

What’s more, turn off Do not disturb now also when you finish a specific event from the Calendar. It is also very convenient.

The only thing that is bad – in this case we are talking only about standard iOS applications. More of the App Store is not yet available, and this is unlikely to change.

10. Cool new application Dictaphone, straight fire

The recorder became more understandable, and also appeared on the iPad. Previously, it was unpleasant to use, now we have opposite impressions from him.

11. Shortcuts for Siri, which were written on the basis of Workflow

In early 2017, Apple bought the Workflow application with guts. It is a tool for automating, creating scripts for sequential execution of specified functions. And earlier the App Store moderators called it the best in terms of design and functional content.

Until recently, we did not even suspect that Apple planned to do with an interesting acquisition, but today everything has fallen into place. It becomes the base for Siri shortcuts that will help activate your scripts with voice commands.

With iOS 12, you can intelligently combine all the daily tasks that relate not only the built-in, but also third-party software in the script and activate them with voice. While this does not work, it sounds great.

For example, if you drop in for coffee on the way to work every day, Siri will help you quickly and in advance to order it.

12. 32 users in group FaceTime simultaneously

In iOS 12 FaceTime has learned to work with group calls audio and video. Now through the Internet simultaneously can communicate not 2 or 8, but as many as 32 people. I think we will actively use this.

And in sum, the new version of the operating system is already working perfectly. I use it on the main iPhone and I do not plan to go back to iOS 11 yet.

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