The secret project of the PAC DP: Russia creates the world’s first space fighter

The development of technologies allows Russia to implement projects that previously seemed to be only projects that do not have the opportunity to be implemented. In addition to advanced weapons, which brought the Russian army to a completely different level of quality, extremely promising innovative models of military equipment are also being created. One of the most secret projects at the moment is the interceptor MiG-41.

Russia is very well suited to the preservation of information about developments. It’s no wonder that even the fifth-generation fighter of the fifth generation of the Su-57 has not yet presented all its capabilities to the public. The MiG-41 should become a real breakthrough in the use of strike aviation, because this aircraft should become the world’s first space fighter due to its ability to fly to near space, performing combat missions with virtually inaccessible for modern means of intercept altitude.

Russian experts several years ago reported that they are developing a Perspective Long-range Intercept Aviation Complex (PAC DP), and it is the MiG-41 in terms of its functionality that can realize all the plans laid down in the project. The main feature of the new generation air vehicle will be the ability to intercept not only supersonic objects, but also targets moving at hypersonic speed.

At the moment, no attack aircraft has such a set of functions. Hypersonic technologies are incorporated into the armament of the countries of the future. Scientific research in this issue, in addition to Russia, which already has the missile system “Dagger” adopted, is being conducted by the Americans and Chinese specialists. Russia is working on the lead, so it prepares funds that can level the success of potential rivals in the field of hypersound.

To achieve this goal, the MiG-41 is being created. He can effectively intercept missiles, strategic bombers and even “invisible” fighters. By its combat effectiveness, this machine will surpass all available in the world models of attack aircraft. The speed of the MiG-41 only on the initial plan will be about 4.3 Mach (more than 4,500 km / h). This will allow the interceptor to become the fastest fighter in the world. A representative of the Russian Defense Ministry Viktor Bondarev assured that the aircraft will be equipped with a large number of advanced systems that not only allow it to remain unnoticed for radars, but also, if necessary, to resist cruise missiles, drones and even hypersonic missiles.

As weapons, the MiG-41 will use rockets of different combat orientation and range. In particular, the most promising air-to-air missile will be the R-37. This is one of the most long-range missiles of this class, allowing you to hit targets at a distance of 310 km. For comparison, a similar US missile AIM-54 Phoenix even in a modified version allows you to shoot from a distance of 180 km. This is a significant reserve for obtaining superiority in airspace.

At the moment, the MiG-41 is at the development stage, but representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the Military Space Agency have already spoken about his admission to the army. According to them, it is impossible to talk about a firm deadline for the implementation of the project, but taking into account the existing developments, we are talking about production in 2025.

Such types of equipment are always created with a reserve for the future, in order to have the opportunity for qualitative modernization with the advent of new technologies. The MiG-41 will not be an exception to the rules. Military technology of the Russian Federation is built on a certain principle, which combines the creation of a promising glider and equipping the development of the most advanced weapons, avionics and various systems for attack and defense.

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