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The rugby star convinced a 15-year-old schoolgirl that she had cancer, to sleep with her

29-year-old Ryan Knox, the star of female rugby from Wales, met with a minor girl for three years. To persuade the schoolgirl to start a relationship, the athlete lied that she had cancer of the brain.

Rian Knox, who until recently worked as a sports coach, persuaded one of her students to enter into sexual relations with her. The woman told the girl that she was seriously ill, but for convincing she simulated seizures and even shaved off her hair.

As reported by The Sun, the first sex between a sportswoman and a schoolgirl happened when the girl was only fifteen years old. Subsequently, the victim Ryan realized that she deceived, and decided to turn to the police.

Rugby player first denied her guilt, but under pressure, the evidence was forced to confess to the crime. Rian Knox was found guilty of sex with a dependent child and sentenced to seven years in prison. In addition, the woman was expelled for life from the Welsh rugby union.

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