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The owner of Forbes fired editor-in-chief Nikolai Uskov. The one is going to sue

According to the owner, glavred broke labor discipline. Uskov claims that he was under pressure.

Nikolay Uskov. Photo by Artem Sizov, “Gazeta.Ru”

On June 9, the editor-in-chief of the Russian version of Forbes, Nikolai Uskov, was dismissed from his post, the media group ACMG, which holds a license for the issue of the magazine in Russia , reported . Acting appointed Nikolai Mazurin, previously held the post of chief editor.

The reasons for the dismissal of Uskov and representatives of the media group were called different. The ACMG claims that it violated labor discipline. However, the former glavred believes that he was pressured, and the owner intervened in the Red policy.

The position of the media group ACMG

According to Dmitri Ozman, director of public relations, the reason for the dismissal was “dissatisfaction with the quality of Uskov’s work, systematic violations of labor discipline, as well as a clause of the labor agreement” on non-competition. “

The representative of ACMG specified to RBC that under the contract Uskov had no right to participate in “third-party events of other brands”, but repeatedly violated this rule. In which projects Uskov participated, the ACMG was not told. Uskov wrote in Facebook that he was fired for taking part in the program “Special Opinion” on the radio station Ekho Moskvy. According to RBC, he attended the broadcasts on May 15 and 29, and the employer took it as “a disrespectful reason for absence from the workplace.”

This is not a one-time decision [on dismissal] – negotiations on the termination of cooperation on the basis of a settlement agreement with Uskov began long ago, but he refused all the proposed options and continued to systematically violate the agreements and labor discipline, so the company was forced to unilaterally terminate the contract with him.

representative of ACMG

According to Vedomosti sources, the owner of ACMG Alexander Fedotov decided to dismiss Uskov in late May 2018. According to the newspaper’s interlocutors, “recently” the editor-in-chief and the owner have constantly clashed and Fedotov regularly threatened to fire Uskov.

Position of Uskov

According to Uskov last week, Fedotov summoned him and offered to part with the agreement of the parties. He also offered him compensation, “a little less than 100 thousand dollars.” But Uskov refused, because he considers the amount “too big”.

Fedotov perfectly understands why, in a situation where he does not pay royalties to authors, photographers and agencies for half a year, delays and does not pay salaries to the staff of Forbes (from the end of March), owes millions of rubles to the printing house, does not pay taxes, rent, etc., , he, nevertheless, has to offer Uskov almost a year’s salary.

Nikolay Uskov
Former Glavred Forbes

After the rating of the highest-paid executives of the largest companies in the fall of 2016, employees suspected Fedotov of interfering in editorial policy. The rating is a dash near the name of the president of VTB Andrei Kostin and the authors suspected that the figure was not published at the request of Fedotov.

Sources of Vedomosti reported that journalists wrote about this to the owner of the newspaper and reminded him of the promise not to interfere in editorial policy. Some editorial staff had no evidence of interference, so they wanted Fedotov to clarify the situation.

According to Uskov, his relationship with Fedotov “changed dramatically” after the scandal with the seizure of information about the salary of Kostin. He said that before the release of the rating, a meeting took place, at which were Deputy Editor-in-Chief Nikolai Mazurin and rating author Elena Berezanskaya. Then Fedotov agreed to leave the rating of salaries in the existing form, but later, while Uskov was on vacation, he “pressed” on Mazurin and the salary disappeared from the magazine.

About what happened after, many of you know: a collective letter addressed to the president of ACMG, the dismissal of Elena Zubova, publications in the press, court proceedings, the testimony of our editors Berezanskaya and Abakumova in court, more publications in the press, an inspection visit by Americans.

Nikolay Uskov
Former Glavred Forbes

After that, Uskov wrote to Fedotov a letter condemning “gross and unacceptable actions”, but the owner tried to change the charter of the editorial board. According to the former chief editor, he tried to turn it “into an obedient tool of his whims and fantasies.” When Uskov refused to sign the new rules, the pressure on him began to increase: in September 2017 Fedotov tried to dismiss him on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the magazine.

At once I will make a reservation, in attempts of Fedotov to interfere with editorial policy is not present and there were no signs of pressure of “a bloody mode”. I think that the “bloody regime” can hardly imagine who this Fedotov is.

Nikolay Uskov
Former Glavred Forbes

The former editor-in-chief also added that he intends to file a lawsuit against Fedotov. In a conversation with The Bell, he explained that he considers his dismissal to be illegal and intends to appeal him in court to make the story public. According to Uskov, he “refused a generous monetary compensation in the amount of 9 salaries” to tell about the pressure on the editorial board.

The position of Mazurin

Uskov also expressed the hope that the editor-in-chief will be Nikolai Mazurin, who was appointed temporarily acting.

Mazurin told RBC that he would lead the editorial board “without the prefix of the acting president” only if “the owner agrees to fulfill his terms”, the most important of which is non-interference in editorial policy. He declined to comment on Uskov’s statements about Fedotov’s intervention in the Red policy.

Mazurin added that he made corrections to the rating of salaries of the leaders of the largest companies in Russia.

Indeed, the decision to remove a specific figure from this rating was taken by me.

Nikolay Mazurin
and about. Forbes Editor-in-Chief
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