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Photo: 298 empty chairs near the Russian Embassy in The Hague

Silent protest of relatives of passengers of flight MH-17.

Photos by @ HansdeBorst1

Relatives of the victims of the passenger “Boeing” shot down in 2014 held a protest action in front of the Russian Embassy in The Hague. On the lawn in front of the diplomatic mission they arranged 298 white chairs for the number of people killed in the crash.

Each chair was put on one red rose in memory of 283 passengers and 15 members of the MH-17 flight crew.

Photos by @ HansdeBorst1 Photos by @ HansdeBorst1

On May 24, an international investigation team investigating the crash of the liner said that the plane was shot down by the Russian Ministry of Defense from the Buk missile defense system. The Russian side officially denies these accusations . The Minister of Transport of Malaysia said that he had no definitive evidence of Russia’s involvement.

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