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Netflix screens the story of a Russian fraudster who lived in New York for several years under an assumed name

Anna Sorokina was represented by Anna Delvi, stayed in luxury hotels and communicated with celebrities.

Photo from Instagram Sorokina

Netflix announced its intention to film the story of a fraudster from Russia Anna Sorokina, who lived in New York for several years under the name of Anna Delvi, led a luxurious life and wanted to open her own club.

The story will be based on the New York Magazine article “How Anna Delvy deceived the New York crowd”. The project will be scripted by Shonda Rhimes, known for the series “Anatomy of Passion”, “Scandal” and “How to avoid punishment for murder.”

Delvie lived for several years in New York, stayed in luxury hotels and constantly went to social events. Her machinations opened up when the girl was unable to pay bills for accommodation to several hotels. It turned out that with the help of counterfeit accounts she took several loans in different banks for about 200 thousand dollars. Sorokin was arrested and charged with six charges of major thefts and their attempts, as well as “theft of services.” Since October 2017, she awaits trial at Rikers Prison near New York.

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