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In Florida for more than a year did not check the buyers of weapons, because the employee could not log into the database

Tens of thousands of people received weapons, although they could be criminals or mentally unbalanced.

In the US state of Florida for more than a year issued weapons without checking the criminal record and medical history of citizens. This was due to the fact that one of the employees of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Goods could not be logged into the national database. This is evidenced by the report of the publication Tampa Bay Times.

The database of the department is used to check the criminal past and mental health cards. According to the document, the buyers of weapons were not checked from February 2016 to March 2017. This was first reported on June 9, 2018 after an investigation by the inspector at the department.

The report indicates that the employee of the department for more than a year could not login in the system, but she did not inform anyone about this. She admitted that she “should have done it”, but “made a mistake”. As the Times noted, during this time the department approved tens of thousands of applications for weapons, which they did not check.

As soon as we found out that the employee had not checked the information about the criminal history of the applicants, we immediately dismissed her and thoroughly checked every application she had been given. 

Aaron Keller
Representative of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Goods of Florida
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