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In Colorado nurses were allowed to give medical school marijuana

This requires a doctor’s prescription and permission from the parents.

School nurses in Colorado were allowed to give medical marijuana to students who have a special permission from their parents and a prescription from a doctor. Only parents or legal representatives who can enter into a school with a written agreement with the administration of an educational institution will be able to transfer to a marijuana.

According to the new law, marijuana should be stored in a special container, locked with a key. Parents should also provide school doctors with a prescription with a detailed schedule and dosage of use. School children can not bring marijuana to school or take it with them instead of using it.

Explaining his decision, Governor John Hickenlooper told the story of a local resident of Hannah Lovato and her son Quintin, who suffers from three types of seizures and Turret syndrome. According to the mother, thanks to the extract of cannabis, Quintin began to sleep better “and again fell in love with the school.” However, he did not receive a sufficient dosage, as earlier school nurses could not be given marijuana.

Hickenlooper also noted that he agreed to sign the law, only making sure that marijuana “does not fall into the hands of other students.”

Colorado was the first US state where it is allowed to grow, sell and use marijuana not only for medical reasons.

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