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How strong is FIFA against having someone else make money for the 2018 World Cup

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In anticipation of the start of the World Cup in Russia, more and more news appear about how the bodies punish companies for using the FMC-2018 brand and other FIFA trademarks in business without permission. According to Izvestia, such news will be even more – the antimonopoly service is set to punish for any uncoordinated use of symbols.

Example: On June 9, the FAS recognized as illegal the advertising campaigns of cosmetics Oriflame and Faberlic. The first “placed on the Internet and in its catalogs information with the notation” World Cup 2018 “,” World Cup 2018 “, similar to the degree of confusion with the trademarks of FIFA.” The second decided to play tickets for the World Cup 2018 and also did not do without mentioning the registered trademarks of the championship.

June 7, Alexander Elzesser, known for his blog about Moscow and the souvenir shop Heart of Moscow , complained about the inability to release a series of merchandise about football in Moscow for the championship. He wanted to name it detached – “Football Moscow 2018”, but after the production, he found out that the brand “Moscow 2018” also belongs to FIFA, and it would be illegal to sell such a product.

We in the “Committee”, for example, too, can not earn on special projects timed to the World Cup 2018 – because of situations similar to that that occurred with Oriflame. Although it is obvious that the event will be riveted to the attention of the audience, and there are partners who are ready to pay for this attention.

In general, the situation is quite ordinary. Yes, there is a copyright holder who protects those who are trying to make money on his brands. Yes, there are people and entire companies that are trying to weld on this – for example, to issue counterfeit souvenirs, disguised as the official one. But FIFA’s distinction is that it has very great opportunities, powers and levers of pressure – thanks to close cooperation with the leadership of the countries hosting the World Cup, the association receives such trademarks as “Moscow 2018”.

Thanks to such a wide range of signs, many of which are registered not only as images (that is, they have a strictly specified form and form), but also as phrases, FIFA can catch on their illegal use of anyone. And since almost all of its trademarks are licensed under the ICGS No. 41, which includes “information about sports or sports events, competitions, provided online from computer databases or the Internet”, you can even get to mention the brand on the Internet. Theoretically, but not practically: it is unlikely that FIFA will refuse a free promo of its championship, of course, unless someone else earns this mention without their knowledge.

A list of all FIFA trademarks can be found on the FAS website. It is quite long – but in spite of the fact that it has many common city names, it is likely that later they will be excluded from the register of registered trademarks, as it was with Sochi-2014. But, apparently, this will not affect “Russia 2018” – the wording “Brazil 2014” is assigned to FIFA so far.


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