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Football club “Tosno” ceased to exist. A month before, he won the Cup of Russia

Together with him, the Perm club Amkar can disappear. The reason is the same – financial inconsistency.

Entrepreneur Maxim Levchenko, who owns the football club “Tosno” from the city of the same name in the Leningrad region, announced the disbandment of the team. The statement about this he published in Facebook.

According to Levchenko, the decision to close the club was made due to the fact that his leadership could no longer support his work.

We conscientiously fulfilled all the obligations undertaken until the end of the autumn part of the Premier League championship, but the further maintenance of the team turned out to be too expensive for us, and no one put his shoulder up, although there were many words from different stands.

Maxim Levchenko
owner of FC “Tosno”

Since the end of 2017 in the leadership of the Leningrad region have stated that they are going to conduct the corporatization of the club. The agreement on this was allegedly reached with the leadership of the sports organization in May.

May 9 “Tosno” became the owner of the Cup of Russia in football, beating in the final match of the tournament Kursk “Avangard”. The victory in the cup allowed the Leningrad club to get the right to participate in the Football League of Europe. Later “Tosno” lost this right, losing to his “Ufa”.

In 2018, “Tosno” took part in the Premier League, but in the final round finished in the penultimate place and dropped out of the Premier League, along with Makhachkala “Anji” and the team “SKA-Khabarovsk”.

June 7, it became known that the players of Tosno in full force filed an application with the prosecutor’s office in connection with delays in salaries and bonuses for almost the entire spring season – including for the victory in the Cup of Russia. Some of the players also took their work books.

The fate of the Perm football club Amkar, which also has financial problems, remains unknown. The decision about the future team of the Russian Football Union should be announced on June 9. If it is deprived of a license, its place in the Premier League will be previously withdrawn “Anji”. In Perm, Amkar wants to replace the revived club Zvezda.

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