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Brazilian schoolchildren raised money for a teacher who did not receive a salary for two months and lived in a school

Pupils of the school in the Brazilian municipality of Brezou-Santo raised money for their teacher Bruno Rafael de Paiva, who had not received a salary for almost two months.

De Paiva moved to the municipality in March and replaced in one of the local schools an art teacher who went to the hospital. Until May, he received no money, and kept his family to the aid of friends.

The students learned about the teacher’s problem and decided to raise money for him. The total amount was about 400 Brazilian real (about 6.6 thousand rubles). On May 15, they left a box with money on the de Paiva table. Seeing her, he burst into tears, after which the schoolchildren hugged him.

The headmaster explained that de Paiva was on the payroll list. Money did not come on time, because he contracted on March 20, at the end of the month. Why the teacher did not receive payment even in May, the director did not explain. He noted that the students’ gesture was a surprise for other teachers and school staff.

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