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A schoolgirl from Kiev made a cheat sheet for the exam, encrypting the answers on her nails


But she fell the only option, which did not have a finger.

Cheat Sheet for Schoolgirls

A Twitter user from Kiev, who asked not to specify her name and accounts in social networks, told how she used a manicure to make a cheat sheet for the school exam in profile geography. For this, she applied multi-colored dots on the nails, which denoted the answers to the test.

The girl explained that the Ukrainian system of exams differs from the Russian one: “We buy collections, where there are many options, one of which will fall exactly. Sit and solve them, how much you want. My friends from Russia were also surprised that we have such things at all. ” But she was not sure that she had learned the test part, so she turned to the cipher.

I’m not a fan of ordinary cheat sheets on paper, because I’m pretty sneaky and consider them too noticeable. I looked at my nail polishes, and suddenly it dawned on me. I thought that this is the perfect way to write off, because from the side of such a manicure in the colorful mottled looks quite ordinary, but I know that it is encrypted, unlike our examination board. The downside is that you need to know all the answers in advance.

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On each nail the girl encrypted one version of the exam: “One point of the same color is the answer in the form of a letter. I took four colors and remember which letter they answer. I put them in order in several rows. ” For example, on the first nail the schoolgirl was able to arrange answers about the lakes Cahul and Yalpug, Ukrainian crystal shield and barometer.

At the exam, no one suspected anything, but it was still impossible to write off. “I fell the only option, which was not enough nail,” – explained the girl.

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