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Zemfira reported on the ban on performing for the time of the World Cup

What is the prohibition, is still unknown.

A shot from the broadcast of the First Channel from the concert of Zemfira in the Olympic

Concerts of the singer Zemfira in Nizhny Novgorod and Kaliningrad were banned due to the World Cup. This is reported on the artist’s website. On June 5, the singer received a “categorical ban” on holding any cultural events on indoor playgrounds during the matches.

According to the statement, the company “Planet Plus”, which organized festivals with Zemfira’s participation, held meetings with representatives of administrations and law enforcement agencies of the regions, and signed the necessary agreements, but was denied the right to hold concerts.

The reasons why Zemfira was banned from performing are still unknown.  asked for comments to the representatives of the artist, but received no reply. Before the World Cup came into force decrees with restrictions on holding mass events not related to football in cities hosting the World Cup. Actions need to be coordinated with local authorities and the FSB.

On June 6, the singer Yulia Chicherina reported that FIFA had forbidden her to perform at the fans’ festival in Rostov-on-Don. According to the explanation, FIFA forbids events to raise military, political or religious topics. In the letter it is noted that “the actress already associates with military themes”.

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