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The new Core i7-8086K was scalped and dispersed to 7.24 GHz on all cores

On Tuesday, Intel celebrated the 40th anniversary of the iconic 16-bit 8086 processor with the release of a limited 6-core Core i7-8086K. Its base frequency is 4 GHz, in turbobust – 5 GHz. But only on one core. The index “K” hints that further dispersal is possible and it is only necessary to understand the heat removal. That did enthusiast Der8auer.

All Core i7-8086K cores work at full load only at 4.4 GHz, in the absence of good cooling – at 4.3 GHz. To increase it, it is necessary to reduce the load, and at a frequency of 5 GHz, one core can work at all. Der8auer scalped the processor, removed the lid, applied cooling with liquid nitrogen and raised the voltage to 1.85 V. With these manipulations, he managed to raise the operating frequency on all cores to 7.24 GHz.

Core i7-8086K – the most powerful 6-core processor, presented by Intel. It has 12 threads and 12 MB of cache in the third level, and the heat packet is 95 watts. In the States, it will be sold for $ 430. Recall that there is also the i7-8700K worth $ 359.

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