The NASA extended the Juno satellite program until the summer of 2021

The Juno spacecraft will be circling the orbit of Jupiter for another three years. NASA approved the financing of the program, and this will allow specialists to collect more data on the gas giant.

Juno was launched to Jupiter in 2011, the satellite reached the planet five years later. Initially it was assumed that the device would describe the circle in orbit for 14 days, but something went wrong: it turned out that the flight of the planet takes 53 days. This happened because of malfunctions with the fuel system.

Span over the cloudiness of Jupiter, the animation is made up of raw snapshots of Juno. Colors are strengthened:

Because of this, NASA had to adjust plans for the use of Juno: the satellite required almost four times as much time to collect data than was expected in the space department. Now, thanks to the extended funding, specialists will be able to complete the collection of the necessary information about Jupiter.

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