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The manufacturer of sex toys warned about a possible punishment for the transportation of their products abroad

The brand producer of sex toys Carvaka warned customers that in some countries, the products they manufacture are banned, and compiled a list of places where they can be put in jail for carrying such items. This writes of Sun of The .

We know that many are attached to their sex toys when they travel. Sometimes it is difficult for them to hold out without this for a week, but in many countries vibrators and dildos are prohibited by law

Representatives of the sex toys company Carvaka

The list of such countries included Thailand, where sex toys are considered obscene subjects, as well as India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. Also, the company mentioned the case in the Maldives, when a local resident Mustafa Hussein was imprisoned for six months for storing such a thing at home.

In June, the British newspaper The Sun conducted a study that showed that five percent of the passengers surveyed had sex during the flight. Participants in the study also described cases when they witnessed indecent behavior on board. “My colleague shared that she once saw two people having sex right on the seat while all of their traveling companions were sleeping,” said one of the stewardesses.

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