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The Chinese giant is the tallest dam

Some man-made structures of man are amazing. So, what are just the dams. The biggest of them today and tell.

Today, the dam among the dams is the dam of the Jinping-1 HPP in China. Its height is 305 meters. For comparison, the Eiffel Tower is just about the same height – just over 300 meters. The length of the dam is 569 meters, and its construction took 4.7 million cubic meters of concrete.

Jinping-1 is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. It is located in the Chinese province of Sichuan, near the mouth of the Yalong River. The dam and hydroelectric power plant got its name from the curve of this river, which is called Jinping. Yalongjiang flows into the gorge, and if we talk about the future, then on the river plan to build a whole cascade of more than twenty hydroelectric power stations. 

The main reservoir of the dam is designed for 7.4 million cubic meters of water.

The dam, together with hydroelectric power stations, was built in 2005, and commissioned in 7 years. In fact, the project of this hydroelectric power station appeared in the 1960s, but began to be realized in almost forty years. For the construction of about 7,5 thousand inhabitants moved to other areas. 
According to the project, the HPP should have six power units, which will annually generate up to 16.6 billion kW / h of electricity.

The dam was made so high for several reasons. First, of course, this is the need for electricity. In addition, the dam protects the lower reaches of the Yalongjiang River from flooding, and also prevents soil erosion. Since in this territory of China earthquakes sometimes occur, Jinping-1 is seismic-resistant.

However, the highest dam of the world, Jinping-1 will not last long. In China, they are now building another record holder. The Shuangjiangkou HPP will have a stone-throwing dam 312 meters high. It is planned to be put into operation in 2018. This giant will cost about 5.8 billion dollars.

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