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The Austrian government closed 7 mosques, which are financed by Turkey

The Office of the President of Turkey has already accused the Austrian government of Islamophobia and racism.

According to the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz, seven mosques that are financed by Turkey will be closed in Austria. Also, about 40 imams will be deported. The mosque is closed due to planting of Turkish nationalism.

Due to violations of the law on Islam, we close the “Gray Wolves” mosque (Turkish nationalist organization), dissolve the Arab religious community, and deport up to 40 imams of the Turkish Islamic Union for cultural and social cooperation in Austria (ATIB) due to violation of the ban on foreign funding .

Thus, we resolutely and actively oppose the incorrect development and formation of parallel communities and will continue to act in the same way if the law on Islam is violated

Sebastian Kurtz
Chancellor of Austria
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